Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kinesio Tape

Carpal tunnel
Kinesio tape for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Lots of you might wonder what is the colorful tape kept appearing on Olympic games. The tape is called "Kinesio Tape", created by  Dr. Kenzo in 1979. Is it just a fashion statement like most of the reporters stated? Or is it a magic cure?

For me, it is not a fashion statement. And at first, it seems to be a magic cure. I have first hand experience of how the tape instantly help ease my shoulder muscle pain. But after finished my training course with Kinesio Taping Association International , and as an occupational therapist, Kinesio tape is another medical modality/method that I be able to use on my day to day clinical practice. I have many success with using Kinesio tape to facilitate my patients functional gain and decrease pain and edema.

If you are welling to give it a try and find a good therapist, this non invasive method combined with other therapeutic treatment might be the cure for your injury.

What is Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is an elastic clothe tape. It has NO medicine on the tape itself. But applied by trained therapist, it can create effective healing affects.

The colors?

It comes with four colors. Although in western world, it does not matter what kind of color you choice. They should all work the same if the application techniques are accurate. However, according to Dr. Kenzo, different color has different chi in it. For example, hot pink is best use for increasing blood flow and generate heat effect. Blue is best use for calm affects. Black is nice to wear for sport events to suite the athletes up for competitions.

Allowing patients/clients to pick the color they like will most likely to increase the chance of having the clients to be compliant with the treatment and to wear the tape for the adequate time frame.

Carpal tunnel
Kinesio tapes cut for carpal tunnel syndrome.

How does it work?

Applied directly on the skin, the breathable adhesive tape plus it's elastic effect will stimulate the receptors bedded in the skin. Depends on how therapist applied the tape, it can stabilize the soft tissue/joints, increase blood flow to decrease pain and increase healing, relax muscle, or facilitate muscle contraction. It can also be used to decrease edema/swelling.

Kinesio tape can be used to treat variety of medical conditions.

  • Orthopedic----total knee, total shoulder, rotator cuff tear..etc.
  • Variety of sports injury.
  • Decrease edema/swelling.
  • For pain management----muscle pain, back pain, knee pain..etc.
  • Repetitive  injury----Carpal tunnel syndrome, gamer's thumb...etc.

In many cases, Kinesio tape helps speed up the healing process and cut down the pain significantly. 

Read to give it a try?

Give us a call at OTLife, Inc. and make an appointment for private occupational therapy. 

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  1. Nice taping! I would like to learn how to do this because I had a muscle pain on my arm and if ever it would happen again, I will use this tape. Thanks!

    Elastic Adhesive Bandage Tape

  2. Julian, Thanks for reading. I hope your arm is doing well.
    If you every have problem and is around Salt Lake area, you can contact me and see if I can treat your arm with the tape.:)
    Good luck!