Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Welcome! OT Life, Inc. is an Occupational Therapy Center.

Our mission is to deliver quality treatment to clients of all ages in the process of their mental and physical recovery, rehabilitation, and health promotion to live a better life with optimal independence and functionality. This includes meeting the physical, psychosocial, emotional, spiritual, and environmental needs of our clients and their families.

Call us if you have Lymphedema!
  •  Can’t find a Certified Lymphedema Therapist around your area?
  •  Do you have chronic edema/swollen on arms and legs?
  •   Did you develop swelling after mastectomy or other cancer treatment?
  •  Do you have recurrent cellulitis and would like to prevent it?  

Call us if you are considering a surgery that will develop edema post surgery!

  • Are you having a total knee, total hip, total joint surgery in the near future?
  •  Are you having plastic surgery in the near future and would like to have speedy recovery?
  • Did you have surgery recently and the edema/swollen just won’t go away?

Call us if you have pain, acute edema after sport injury,
or stiff muscle!

  •  Did you sleep wrong last night and have a stiff neck?
  •  Did you have any sprain/bruise from a sport injury?

Call us if you have senior parents who
had a fall and worry they are going to fall again!

  • Do you want to promote your parents well-being so they can stay in their home independently and safely?
  • Does your parent need walker? Wheelchair? And what kind?
  • What about adapted equipments to help them dress, eat, or cook?

Call us if you need help with home modification for senior parents!

  • Do they need one of those garb bars in the bathroom? And where?
  •  Do they need ramps?
  •  Do they need wider doors?

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